St George Appliance Repair and Maintenance

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St George Appliance Repair and Maintenance

Are you in need of household appliance maintenance? You have definitely come to the right place. We are the go-to service for appliance repair in St George. Anything you need repaired we will absolutely fix for you. We are an extremely proud appliance maintenance company, and our #1 goal is to make sure to have the appliances you need up and running smoothly. Our company has perfected the art of appliance repair in St George Utah over a number of years, and we choose thoroughness and perfection over rushing to get the job done as fast as humanly possible.

Hey, St. George homeowners! Isn’t it frustrating when your trusty Viking appliance, usually the star of your kitchen, decides to have a diva moment? We totally get it. That’s why our partner at Appliance Repair Santa Barbara, we’ve teamed up with Santa Barbara’s best Viking appliance repairs. They’re seasoned in turning Viking hiccups into smooth performances. So if your Viking dishwasher is giving you the silent treatment or your oven’s forgotten its fiery passion, just reach out. Our partners are all set to roll up their sleeves and get your appliance back on center stage!

Your kitchen appliances are there to serve you, not make your life harder. If you have a bum dryer or microwave that is not working like it should, that’s just one more stress in your life that frankly no one has the time for these days. Imagine how busy you are on an average day—you certainly have no room in the schedule to attempt a do-it-yourself project just so you can dry your clothes, or reheat your lunch! Simply give us a call or fill out the quote form to the right and we will give you a no obligation, free maintenance quote.

Ah, the Sub Zero refrigerator – it’s the unsung hero of many households, keeping all our goodies fresh and crisp. But what to do when it decides to play it warm? Don’t let that slight thaw dampen your spirits! We’ve got the perfect remedy. Our allies in Orange County are the Sub Zero refrigerator repair, ready to swoop in and restore the coolness your fridge is famous for. With them on your side, and our assurance at, expect nothing short of chilled perfection every time you open that fridge door.

Why try to repair a broken appliance yourself when you can call the professionals and get it done in a fraction of the time it would take to follow DIY instructions on the Internet? You can have peace of mind knowing the job was done correctly, because we know all the tips and tricks for a solid appliance maintenance in St George Utah. We service a wide variety of household appliances that may need maintenance. Whether you need a small appliance fix in St George Utah, or large appliance maintenance that needs upkeep, we have all the tools and necessary skills needed to fix your problem and get your life back to normal.

To the culinary champions of St. George: we know your Wolf range is the cornerstone of every kitchen masterpiece. And when it’s out of tune, it can feel like the whole band’s gone off key. But, hold that thought! Our partners from sunny Santa Barbara are maestros in Wolf range repairs. They’ve got the knack, the notes, and the nimbleness to make your range hit all the right culinary notes again. So, while you focus on the melody of your dishes, we promise to keep the rhythm steady, ensuring every meal is a showstopper.

Kitchen Appliance Repair St George

Oven – If the door to your oven is acting up or maybe it’s not cooking or baking like it used to, we most definitely can fix that issue for you. We can fix ovens with a blindfold on, that’s how good we are at it!

Stove top – We all know the differences between electric and gas stoves can be confusing to understand. Appliance Repair St George knows all the ins and outs of gas vs. electric stove tops. Just let us know which kind you have and what your issue is and we will gladly fix it for you.

Sink – Water damage can be extremely costly! If you start to notice leaky faucets or even water spots below your sink, then give us a call! We need to repair those as soon as possible thus saving you expensive water damage repairs in the future.

Garbage disposal – Is there an over abundance of stink coming from your kitchen sink drain? When trying to cover up the scent with something else isn’t doing the trick, there is more than likely an issue that needs fixed with your garbage disposal.

Trash compactor – Is there an unusual noise when you run it? Maybe it won’t stop running once it’s started. We have the solution to fix your broken trash compactor!

Microwave – Nobody has time to keep heating and reheating your food over and over on the stovetop, and microwave ovens were invented to shorten our cooking time and help us save time in our busy lives. Let us know the issues you’re having with your microwave and we’ll come help bring your life back to fully functioning.

Refrigerator – When it comes to food preparedness, storing your food at the right temperature is crucial in avoiding food borne illnesses. To avoid this at all cost we need to make sure your fridge is on the up and up. Any repairs on refrigerators is under our tool belt to keep your fridge at optimal temperature.

Dishwasher – How frustrating is it when you start a load of dishes at the end of the day, only to wake up in the morning and see that your dishes have crusted food on them still?! This could be a sign of decreased water pressure that more than likely has to do with the water pressure system inside the dishwasher. We can get that dishwasher chiseling the crusty food off your plates and bowls in no time!

Freezer – Nobody likes freezer burn on their ice cream! It makes it taste worse and it’s really hard to scoop out the carton. Freezer burn is a sign of wiring issues within the system—if this sounds like the case with you, let us know!

Ice maker – Potential ice maker issues could be a clogged filter or the temperature gauge is faulty. Leave it to the pros to make sure you have all the ice you need for any occasion.

Household Appliance Repair St George

Washer – Do your clothes come out of the wash with a musty smell? Or maybe your washer isn’t draining completely. Let us get your washer draining properly and smelling fresh, the way you want it to.

Dryer & Dryer vent – Is there a faint burning smell every time you dry your laundry? This could be a sign of a filthy dryer vent. If that’s the case you MUST let us clean your dryer as soon as possible, because it can potentially start fires if there is too much lint.

A/C unit – If your house is just not getting as cold as it used to, you might have a broken air conditioning unit. Everybody loves coming indoors from a hot and humid summer day to a nice cool and dry home, where you can relax and stay comfortable.

Hot water tank – Have you ever been the last to shower in the morning and gotten a luke-warm or even cold shower? This may be an indication that your hot water tank is malfunctioning and you may need repairs.

For a reputable frisco appliance repair service in DFW, we highly recommend Frisco Repair. You’re going to love how quick and easy we find a solution to your needed appliance maintenance. We have countless customers who love the fact that they can sit back with the comfort and security of knowing the job is getting done correctly and with careful speed.

A small appliance fix in can be tricky sometimes and you’re going to be glad you came to professionals to fix your issues. There are many intricate components that are involved in home appliances, whether it’s a wiring issue or a physical part that needs fixed or replaced, it can be difficult to know what the reason is for your malfunctioning appliance.

The great news is that you don’t have to know! That’s where we come into play. When you choose Appliance Repair St George Utah, you can be assured that we know appliances so well that we can diligently diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. That is, after all, the reason you choose to go with us. We guarantee a hassle-free diagnosis and solution that will un-complicate your life and get your appliances back in tip-top shape to serve you like they should.