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St George Kitchen Appliance

Oven - There are different types whether it's an analog temperature dial or digital, gas or electric, ovens are the go-to when it comes to cooking and baking. Baking is a favorite of mine, I remember a time I tried baking a coffee cake in high school with my girlfriend. We mixed the ingredients incorrectly and the dish ended up spilling all over the sides of the baking pan! It was quite a laugh in the end but it made us question whether it was actually our fault or if there was something whacky going on with the oven!

​There are a few indications of your oven being on its way out, one of them being your favorite dishes don't come out right. Maybe your gas oven isn't lighting, or if it's electric it just isn't heating up or it's taking forever to heat up. If you have scorch marks on your surfaces, it could mean your seals are faulty and heat is escaping. Like all things dirt and grime build up and need cleaned, food in the oven can spill over and build up as well leading to awful smells and smoke coming out of the oven. The great news is whether it needs cleaned, seals fixed, or low heat temperatures, we are here for you! Just give us a call or fill out the form for a free quote.

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Kitchen appliances

Stove top - Whether gas or electric, they are perfect for boiling water in a pot, cooking things on a pan, or frying up some eggs in the morning. Everyone loves the sound of that first egg cracked and slowly dropped into a lightly greased frying pan and that immediate sizzle. There is nothing more American than that egg sizzle.

Signs of a faulty stove top include rust build up that's toxic to breathe, your burners don't turn on, food cooking unevenly, on electric stoves the glass could be shattered as well. More bad news if you can smell gas or smoke. If any of these sounds like you, let us know. We will clean anything that needs cleaned and replace any faulty parts.

 ​Sink - Used for properly disposing of liquids, washing off fruits and vegetables, hand washing dishes, soaking dishes in soapy water. Imagine your ideal sink: it's the middle of the day and you're washing some leftover dishes that didn't make it to the dishwashing machine. The sink has the perfect amount of water pressure, not to forceful but also not a weak stream out of the nozzle. Your dishes are clean and you come out a better person for putting in that effort of cleaning dishes. Who knew washing dishes could be such a pleasant experience?

Few things can keep you from having an experience like this. Namely extremely slow draining, strange sounds coming from the drain, or rancid odors seeping out of the drain. We fix draining issues, smells, or water pressure problems that sinks can have.

Garbage disposal - Mostly used to break down large chunks of food that won't go down the sink drain properly. The best garbage disposals are a low humming shredding sound that doesn't scare the daylight out of anyone in the room when they aren't expecting any sudden loud noises!

Some bad signs are frequently resetting it or it just won't turn on. If it takes a long time to break down food, or always smells bad. If it makes a screeching sound or overheats for some unknown reason then it's time to call the best appliance repair Saint George Utah company. We are the experts when it comes to a small appliance repair like this.

Microwave - Used to heat up food faster than cooking it on a stove top or in the oven. Very helpful when you're on a time crunch and need a quick lunch in a pinch. Everyone needs their lean cuisines heated to perfection.

Bad symptoms include burned smells or seeing sparks. Uncooked food, loud frightening sounds, or the keypad isn't working or the door isn't shutting. Anything weird going on with your microwave and you can call us even if you have questions about appliance repair Saint George Utah just let us know!

Trash compactor - Used for smushing down your garbage so you can get as much room as possible out of every trash bag, it helps the trash bags last longer which in turn you don't have to be constantly change trash bags out and take them out.

If you hear the trash compactor making loud and unusual sounds, not stopping at the end of the cycle, if it won't start or stay on or close properly then you can turn to the best appliance repair Saint George Utah company for help!

Refrigerator - They come in all shapes and sizes, mini fridges, industrial fridges, fridges with ice and water fountains on the front. The best fridges are the ones with plenty of room so you can pack it any way you please without stressing about room or without trying to play Tetris with your groceries.

You might need some repairs if you start experiencing some consistent symptoms. Food spoiling before expiration, freezer part is too cold, you can hear the motor running, if the back of the fridge is hot at the back. Maybe spikes in the electric bill or you see frost. Give us a call because we know how frustrating these things can be! Let us help you keep your sanity and keep your costs low with the cheapest appliance repair Saint George Utah.

Dishwasher - Used when you want to mass clean dishes used for whatever reason whether making a huge meal for a family, or just dishes used here or there. The ideal dishwasher is stainless steel that has symmetrical racks so the user can sort them inside how they see fit. The best dishwashers leave no traces of built up food on dishes, and they are almost perfectly dry when it reaches the end of the cycle.

Some serious signs your dishwasher needs fixed, are if there is food or water build up at the very bottom or really slow draining. Maybe the door won't lock or it makes weird noises. If the dishes aren't hot after the cycle or your dishes are spotty or dirty. If there is water leaking from it that is a sign as well. Anything broken or clogged is right where we do our best work with appliance repair Saint George Utah.

Freezer - They are so useful for a wide variety of food or other items you might need frozen. You have a room temperature drink that needs cooled down ASAP? Maybe some frozen fruits for smoothies. If you play sports you probably need that ice pack in the freezer all the time! Everyone loves when their ice cream carton is at perfect scooping density. When it comes out creamy and smooth is prime ice cream temperature. Everyone hates freezer burn on the ice cream because you get all the calories and sub-par flavor and texture

Some of the top symptoms for a bad freezer are weird noises coming from it, frost buildup inside, water leaking next to the freezer, it strait up won't run, or the temperature is too low. Any of these symptoms can and will be fixed by our affordable appliance repair Saint George Utah company!

Ice maker - They are used to make ice for any occasion, but the one that takes the cake it's summer time and having the perfect sized ice cubes to go with your favorite drink. Having an ice cold drink outside enjoying the weather under an umbrella blocking the hot sun so all you feel is a slight breeze and your delicious drink with that wonderful ice.

You might have ice maker issues if you have the pause feature enabled, if the water line is faulty, if the filter is clogged, the inlet valve is faulty or the thermostat could be set too low. Whatever the reason for your ice maker not working properly, we are guaranteed to fix so you can get back to laying poolside and enjoying your delicious ice cold beverage! Call the best appliance repair Saint George Utah company for a free instant quote

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